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Indigenous Sustainable Employment


Jobs for Indigenous People – what most indigenous people do for work

Indigenous people are those natives of a region or a country who have been living there for a long time and are the descendants of a culture that has marginalized over the course of history. Such people are considered as ethnic minorities and are usually not given an equal status in society because of their inability to fit in.

According to a report there are an estimated 370 million indigenous people living in over 70 countries around the world. In recent times, organizations like the UN have realized the issues being faced by the indigenous people and have taken steps to ensure that the rights of these people are safeguarded and they are given equal opportunities in the job market. The following are some of the job careers that have been identified by the UN as the best ones for the indigenous people.


The indigenous people have a very sound knowledge of the area in which the live. Having lived there all their lives, they are aware of every nook and corner of the place and know what sort of crops can be easily cultivated in the area. Thus, farming is one of the professions that come naturally to the indigenous people. With a little help from their respective governments, the indigenous people can become valuable members of the society by cultivating the lands in which they live in.


Fishing is another profession that the indigenous people are familiar with and can pursue without requiring any outside help. The indigenous people have a strong affiliation with fishing and are experts at catching fish in any season. If the governments of the countries where these indigenous people are living can facilitate them then these people can easily adopt this profession and can put an end to their financial troubles.

Environmental Management

The knowledge of the indigenous people about the environment they live in is second to none. Since they have lived in that area for centuries they are aware of all the animals and plants that are found in that area and what steps are required to keep them safe and free from the risk of extinction. Thus, the knowledge of these people can be used to save the environment of that place with ease. Therefore, environmental management is another profession that the indigenous people can easily adopt and earn their livelihood in.


Another one of the professions that the indigenous people can land a respectable job in albeit after a little training is healthcare. Since health is a major concern of the indigenous people, if some of them are trained in providing healthcare services then they can help in catering for the healthcare needs of their people by themselves. Moreover, their knowledge of herbs and natural medicine can also prove to be very helpful in bringing about new discoveries in the field of medicine as well.

Apart from these professions, there are a number of jobs that are being created by governments all over the world for the indigenous people so that they can become active members of the society.