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Indigenous Sustainable Employment


Jobs for Indigenous People – what most indigenous people do for work

Indigenous people are those natives of a region or a country who have been living there for a long time and are the descendants of a culture that has marginalized over the course of history. Such people are considered as ethnic minorities and are usually not given an equal status in society because of their inability to fit in.

According to a report there are an estimated 370 million indigenous people living in over 70 countries around the world. In recent times, organizations like the UN have realized the issues being faced by the indigenous people and have taken steps to ensure that the rights of these people are safeguarded and they are given equal opportunities in the job market. The following are some of the job careers that have been identified by the UN as the best ones for the indigenous people.


The indigenous people have a very sound knowledge of the area in which the live. Having lived there all their lives, they are aware of every nook and corner of the place and know what sort of crops can be easily cultivated in the area. Thus, farming is one of the professions that come naturally to the indigenous people. With a little help from their respective governments, the indigenous people can become valuable members of the society by cultivating the lands in which they live in.


Fishing is another profession that the indigenous people are familiar with and can pursue without requiring any outside help. The indigenous people have a strong affiliation with fishing and are experts at catching fish in any season. If the governments of the countries where these indigenous people are living can facilitate them then these people can easily adopt this profession and can put an end to their financial troubles.

Environmental Management

The knowledge of the indigenous people about the environment they live in is second to none. Since they have lived in that area for centuries they are aware of all the animals and plants that are found in that area and what steps are required to keep them safe and free from the risk of extinction. Thus, the knowledge of these people can be used to save the environment of that place with ease. Therefore, environmental management is another profession that the indigenous people can easily adopt and earn their livelihood in.


Another one of the professions that the indigenous people can land a respectable job in albeit after a little training is healthcare. Since health is a major concern of the indigenous people, if some of them are trained in providing healthcare services then they can help in catering for the healthcare needs of their people by themselves. Moreover, their knowledge of herbs and natural medicine can also prove to be very helpful in bringing about new discoveries in the field of medicine as well.

Apart from these professions, there are a number of jobs that are being created by governments all over the world for the indigenous people so that they can become active members of the society.

Strategies for Eco-Friendly Career Opportunities Explored


Helpful Tips for Finding Environmental Earth Friendly Jobs

Saving the environment and going green are popular notions nowadays that are being taken up and advocated by people all over the world. Ever since the people became aware of the damage that our ecological system has suffered at the hands of us humans, they have become very concerned about the survival and future of our race.

This is the reason why most people are trying to do their bid in saving our ecological system and are choosing to adopt environmental earth friendly professions. However, finding such job opportunities is not that simple. One has to do an extensive amount of research to find a vacancy in this field that is financially rewarding and at the same time provides him the chance to do something substantial for preserving nature. The following are some of the tips that can help you in finding an environmental earth friendly job without encountering much difficulty.

Search the Online Job Portals

The first and the most important tip for locating an eco-friendly job vacancy is to search for it on the online job portals. These online portals are the best places to find authentic and genuine job opportunities in a number of sectors. Looking for job vacancies on portals like Craigslist, Ecoemploy, Misco and Monster in the environment sustainability sector will make it easier for you to narrow down your search and will provide you with a list of companies that are hiring people to address their environmental responsibilities.

Attend Seminars held on Earth Day

Another great tip for finding out about environmentally friendly job opportunities is to attend the seminars and discussion programs that are held each year on Earth Day. Numerous company heads and officials of organizations that are working for the betterment of the environment are present at these seminars and can guide you about the jobs that you can pursue in this sector. Moreover, you can even learn about job openings that are available in their companies from them as well.

Become Part of a Network

One way of searching for an environmental friendly job is to become part of a network that is composed of people trying to find green jobs. Online job portals like LinkedIn are prime examples of such networks where there are groups dedicated for people who are looking for a job in the environment sustainability sector. By joining these groups, you can interact with people such as yourselves and can exchange information with them about the job openings that you have come across in your search. This information exchange will aid you in getting to know about those available vacancies that had been overlooked by you in your search.

Seek the help of Non-profit Agencies

Seeking the help of a nonprofit agency that is working for the preservation and conservation of the environment is also an excellent tip for locating an environmental friendly job opportunity. Such agencies know a great deal about the companies that are looking for dedicated people to staff their environmental sustainability department.  Moreover, such agencies themselves hire people as volunteers as well as paid employees too for managing their operations. By contacting and staying in touch with these agencies, you can easily find out and even land a job in the environment preservation sector.

Eco Friendly Employment


Environmental Earth Friendly Jobs

Environmental pollution is among the biggest issues that the world is being faced with at the moment. People living in all the countries of the world are trying their best to contain this problem by switching to environmental friendly methods of production. Finding out methods to reduce the impact of pollution has become the first priority of the people and everyone is trying to do their bit in saving the environment. The following are some of the environmental earth friendly jobs and employment applications that are being adopted by the people to help the planet in combating the threats posed by environmental pollution.

Organic Farming

Organic farming is by far the most efficient way of preserving the soil and saving it from land pollution. Moreover, organic farming has quickly become a booming business as well since people have realized that eating fruits and vegetables that are grown using fertilizers are hazardous for their health and are switching to organically grown food items. Thus, people who are willing to do something to conserve nature and at the same time want to earn some profit as well should consider pursuing organic farming as a possible career.

Energy Efficient Architectural Designing

Energy efficiency is the requirement of every building structure nowadays because of the rising prices of energy. People want their building to be designed in such a manner that they do not require the expenditure of large amounts of energy for their cooling and heating needs. This is where an energy efficient architect is required to step in. Such architects are skilled in the art of energy efficient architectural designing and can come up with such structural designs that conserve the expenditure of energy. These architects are also in high demand nowadays and are being hired by every organization for designing their offices.

Renewable Energy Engineering

Renewable sources of energy are being explored by companies and organizations the world over. The reason behind this search is to reduce our dependence on fossil fuel resources which are getting depleted very quickly. In order to help in this process of finding renewable sources of energy, the help of special engineers is being sought who have practical knowledge of harnessing power of the sun and wind. Thus, renewable energy engineering is another of the hottest environmental earth friendly jobs that are available in the market at the present moment.

Park Ranging 

Becoming a park ranger is the best way of safeguarding the wild animals that roam our forests and jungles. Park ranging is becoming a very suitable job for people who love animals and are concerned about their safety and well-being. Park rangers are among the highest paid people nowadays as their job is very tough and requires them to remain in the field at all times. Thus, pursuing the career of a park ranger is also an excellent way of preserving nature.

Environment Friendly Entrepreneurship (Ecoprenuership)

Environmental friendly entrepreneurship or Ecoprenuership is a profession that is being adopted by entrepreneurs all over the world. People interested in saving the environment while making a decent profit will find Ecoprenuership a very valuable and rewarding profession.